Hey everyone,
I am happy, scared and excited to announced that my blog is MOVING.


This is my last post here … from now on please find me at:

The blog will likely look identical to you as a reader … but with that being said, if you were currently subscribed then unfortunately you will have to RE-subscribe. Starting back at 0 followers is not exactly ideal however this new site will allow me many more exciting features – like actually being able to enter contests directly on the blog without having to click all sorts of extra links.

Also? All my old content has come with me including your comments:)

I am hoping and counting on my loyal 1800+ subscribers to join me again on the new site. You’ll find the subscribe by email section on the right hand side of the page where it’s always been.

So off we go to make new and exciting memories!

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DOUBLE Etsy Feature: Review And Giveaway

This week is a very exciting one as we have a DOUBLE Etsy Feature review and giveaway from the ladies at xxxRedStitcHxxx and LovelyDeerHomeware. Based in Netherlands and United Kingdom these are stores we wouldn’t typically have access to but thanks to the magic of the internet we thankfully do!

Let’s take a look at these Etsy Shops individually and see why I think you should check them out – yes, YOU!

First up: xxxRedStitcHxxxxxxredstichxxx

Owned by Ioana Weber who grew up in Argentina and is now based in Rotterdam, Netherlands… Ioana kept looking for good quality potholders, but they were always too small, too thin, always BORING squares, in predictable reds, neutrals, blacks and whites. As a lover of textiles and all things quirky, Ioana decided to take matters into her own hands and create what I can only describe as an eclectic mix of FUN for your kitchen.

Take a look at some of her most unique designs:


 xxxRedStitcHxxx has a little something for everyone (not just pot holders but tons of cute accessories too!). Think of the hostess gifts you could present! What perfect conversation pieces. But not only are they cute they are also functional. The potholders prevent you from getting burned, can be used to wipe some spills and they can go right in the washing machine as well!

Definitely take a look at Ioana’s Etsy Shop and follow her on Facebook and Pinterest!

Next up? LovelyDeerHomeware


Owned by Gemma Phillips who wanted to make products sourced from small local business in the UK and create products with a handmade charm. Lovely Deer was created because she loved making things and using every material she could get her hands on!

Lovely Deer sells a range of bespoke Silver Jewelry, where each piece is handmade and orders can be customized. Gemma also loves to doodle and apply these doodles illustrations, with a sprinkle of imagination to a range of usable ceramics and home ware like tea towels, cards and more.

Check out some of my favorite kitschy pieces:


Take a look at Gemma’s Etsy Shop and follow on FacebookPinterest and her website!

So now that you’ve oohed and aahed over these cute items I’m sure you’re wondering what the giveaway is? One of my readers will with an item from EACH Etsy Shop. Sweet deal!

From xxxRedStitcHxxx a pointed house potholder in your choice of color and from LovelyDeerHomeware your choice of tea towel!

Giveaway ends Wednesday, December 11th at 12am and is open to US and Canada residents, ages 18+.

To enter:
please use the Rafflecopter form here

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from yours. In My 30s And Its Time is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment

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NORWEX: Chemical Free Cleaning Review and Giveaway

I used to work for a very large corporation that sells products that we ALL have in our homes. I still support them loyally to this day, and lets just say when my then-boyfriend suggested buying Colgate I almost had a heart attack and insisted he switch to Crest.

The one thing I have always had a problem with though is the smell of chemical cleaners. Truly, my now-husband has done all of the cleaning of bathrooms in the last 2 years or so because I couldn’t take the migraine that ensued every time.

When a friend of mine started selling Norwex I was intrigued but I didn’t quite “get it”. When I finally had the chance to sit down with her and learn more about the products and watch them actually work I was blown away.

So what is Norwex? A Norwegian company founded entirely on the concept of cleaning without chemicals. Take a look at some of these facts (yikes!):

norwex facts


Norwex products focus around a Microfiber System that cleans with water. Say what?! I can tell you I watched my friend demonstrate by cleaning RAW CHICKEN off the counter top and then test the counter top for bacteria and there was zero. ZERO!

You can use them wet for deep cleaning or dry for dusting and all it takes is a simple pass through your laundry machine to wash.

Norwex has amazing products for every area of your home: Floors, Bath & Body, Laundry & Household Cleaning and even Kids – we bought our boys their very own microfiber cloth so that they can take care of their bathroom. What peace of mind I have knowing I don’t need to worry about them accidentally ingesting a chemical!

So let’s be honest, there is going to be an initial investment into purchasing some new cleaning materials and systems, but since the average family spends upwards of $600 on cleaning products, Norwex should save you about 90% of that while keeping your family healthy. I encourage you to take a look! Especially at the lineup of NEW products:

norwex new products

I hear it was the MakeUp Removal Cloths that sold my friend Alissa on the company. With ONE swipe of the cloth combined with water the makeup is completely removed. My sensitive eyes are thanking me already! In fact, I used this during my Mary Kay makeover and the product truly works.

I’m so happy to announce that Alissa has so graciously offered TWO amazing giveaways to the readers of my blog:

norwex CONTEST

1) Enviro Cloth and Window Polish Cloth ($49 retail value)
2) Timeless Silk Organics Hand Cream ($20 retail value)

To enter:
please use the Rafflecopter form here
enter directly on my facebook page (mobile friendly)

Giveaway ends Tuesday, December 3rd at 12am and is open to US and Canada residents, ages 18+.

Disclosure: I was able to test products directly but I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from yours. In My 30s And Its Time is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.
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Inspired: Party Idea: Time to SWAP!

I’ve previously posted about hosting a Favorite Things Party and even a Recap on the Event and today I’d like to present to you what I consider an even more exciting idea:


Swap Party Header

So what’s the big idea? We all have a ton of stuff that we aren’t using in our homes: Clothing that has been sitting there mocking us for months or even years because it doesn’t fit or doesn’t match anything else we own, Fancy Dishes for company that we forget about when we finally have company over, Books we are finished reading, Shoes that are too tight but they were so cute we had to have them … are you getting the idea? A swap party allows you to come to an event with girls you already know and trust and SWAP items!

So what are the rules for hosting your own swap party?

  • The host needs to create rooms/areas for the various items to be grouped together Typically we do: 2 clothing rooms, 1 accessory/shoes/beauty room, 1 household room
  • Arrange with guests to drop off their items a few days prior and have the rooms fully set up for party time
  • Group similar items together for ease
  • Pick a decent number of guests so that there is enough selection. I’ve been to parties with 6 girls and I hosted one with over 20. Let me tell you, although it was fun … 20 was way too many!
  • Have a timer

Household Swap RoomHousehold Swap Room

And what are the rules for guests attending the swap party?

  • Bring a minimum of 10 items to swap, but lots more is encouraged
  • Items must be in excellent condition – because no one wants your ratty old sneakers!
  • Anything goes: shoes, purses, accessories, clothing, unopened beauty products, small appliances, decor, kitchen gadgets, books, board games and more!
  • Drop off your items a few days prior to allow the host time to prepare the “shop”
  • Show up on time
  • You’ll be changing in front of others so wear decent undergarments😉 (and trust me with a 10-15 minute limit no one will be stopping to look at your body or judge!)
  • Don’t be a slob, if you try something on put it back on the hanger for the next group

Clothing Swap RoomClothing Swap Room

And what are the rules of the actual swap party?

  • Choose room numbers from a bowl and get put into groups
  • The room number selected is the room visited first
  • 10-15 minutes per room is allowed, then everyone must move on to the next room
  • Leave each room with 2 items chosen to take home
  • At the end of the night each guest will leave with at least 10 new items
  • Don’t be too picky: If someone brought 10 items and leaves with 20 that’s okay so long as everyone is happy
  • Once the selection is picked over, have a simple free for all
  • Left over items are donated

Accessory Swap Room
Accessory Swap Room

I hope you feel inspired enough after seeing this post to round up some of your girlfriends and host a swap party of your own. Expect a TON of shrieking and laughing. You won’t be disappointed!

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Music Mondays: The One About Jane

music mondays logo

Welcome to this week’s Music Monday post. Earlier in the week I had my iPhone music on shuffle and I came across the Maroon 5 album Songs About Jane – which is a fantastic, catchy pop album. It always catches my attention and this week’s song is my favorite on the album. It just oozes sexy.

My song of the week is
SECRET by Maroon 5

Cool these engines
Calm these jets
I ask you how hot can it get
And as you wipe of beads of sweat
Slowly you say, “I’m not there yet”

The music. The lyrics. Pardon me Mr. Levine but I think I need a fan. Wowza. We’ll stick with the lyric video for today😉

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Bits and Bobs of Gift Ideas

It’s here again: the time of year to see gift sets and adorable items popping up all over town. I think it’s time to share a few of my favorites! And hey hubby if you’re reading this then #4 is calling your name!

1. Beautiful/Handsome Mugs by Chapters Indigo 

chapters mugs

Aren’t these so great? I think my hubby and I need a set. They’re adorable, but not sickeningly cute … and at only $10 each they’re a steal!

2.  Revlon by Marchesa 3D Jewel Nail Appliques

revlonPriced at around $10 at your local drugstore, you simply can’t go wrong. What a perfect way to make a fashion statement without breaking the bank!

3. The Classic Satchel such as the Edge Paint by TOPSHOP


Perks? It’ll stand up on it’s own  (who else is tired of their floppy purse falling over?) and it’s reasonably priced at $50. The best part? HBC now accepts paypal for online orders!

4. Hayden Christensen for RW & Co Collection

hayden christensen RW & coThe Canadian actor teamed up with my favorite store to create a limited edition men’s fashion collection and it is beautiful. Prices range from $20 accessories to $249 coats.

5. Downtown Fragrance by Calvin Klein

downtownMy amazing husband came home with this for me the other day and we are both loving this new scent and it’s notes of green pear and plum. Definitely a winner in my books! Prices range from $56 – $102.

Those are just a few of my current favorite things (see more of my favorite items here and here), I’d love to hear about yours!

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Mary Kay Makeover: Review and Giveaway

My skin is kind of sensitive so when a friend of mine started selling Mary Kay I’ll admit I was pretty skeptical to buy a brand I had never tried before. Months went by and I felt bad for not supporting her in some way so when she offered to come over and do a full makeup and skincare application with 2 different looks I jumped on the chance because I could try the products with no obligation. I am happy to announce not only did it go well, I even slept with the makeup on (not recommended haha) and didn’t experience a single reaction. Sweet!

So here we go with some of the makeover shots…

v3 applyBetty applying my makeup

dark mary kay makeupThe dark, intense look

light mary kay makeupThe every day light & summery look

I quite liked the light and bright look and I actually ordered the shadows from her right away. What I like most is the price points: not all that different from your typical drugstore brand but you’ll receive a much higher quality product!

Right now Betty is offering an amazing special for the month of November:
With prices already being so great (eye shadows: $7.50, lip gloss: $12, etc) trust me when I say this is the time to buy!

A personal favorite of mine and something that would make for a great gift is the Mary Kay At Play lineup of products. They are really funky shadows, lip glosses, lip & eye crayons which are all priced at only $12!

Mary Kay At Play

All of these awesome products can be purchased online through Betty’s Mary Kay page. 

Lastly, before I get to the super duper exciting part which you’ll want to wait for😉 I have to add that Mary Kay has a new VIRTUAL MAKEOVER APP!


It’s totally free and allows you to upload your own photo (or you can use a model) and apply all the products to try before you buy. How cool is that?! Visit your local app store on your smartphone for details.

And now … drumroll please … I am very pleased to announce an awesome giveaway from Betty at Mary Kay herself … A Satin Hands Vanilla Sugar gift set!

Mary Kay Satin Hands

Prize will include: Fragrance free hand softener, vanilla sugar hand cream and vanilla sugar satin smoothie hand scrub.

Giveaway ends Saturday, November 23rd at 12am and is open to US and Canada residents, ages 18+.

To enter:
please use the Rafflecopter form here
enter directly on my facebook page (mobile friendly)

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from yours. In My 30s And Its Time is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.
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Music Mondays: The One With The Tantrums

music mondays logo

Recently Toronto gained a new radio station: Indie 88 and they play the most fab music, sometimes obscure, sometimes by bands I didn’t realize were Indie. Every so often there is a song that is so cute and catchy and romantic that it makes me grin every time I hear it. That is the focus of this week’s Music Monday post.

My song of the week is
OUT OF MY LEAGUE by Fitz and The Tantrums

You were out of my league
All the things I believed
You were just the right kind
Yeah, you were more than just a dream

The ending is my favorite part and what really makes the song stand out. I’m definitely going to be checking Fitz and The Tantrums out to see what the rest of their stuff is like. If you’re in the GTA or looking for a radio station to listen to online be sure to check out Indie 88, you won’t be disappointed!

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Buying Out The Time

Recently I read an article by Huffington Post Weddings and suddenly my perspective and opinion came clearly into focus. The article was entitled “MARRIAGE ISN’T FOR YOU”
and the title really caught my eye. I urge you to take 5 minutes to read it if you’re in a relationship or considering one.

My husband is my best friend. It is so easy with him. We never discuss our friendship, it just flows naturally with it’s own momentum.

The few days per month when we don’t go out bright and early are my favorites. We lay in bed for hours until our tummies demand food, dozing in and out of sleep, tangled in a huge mess of limbs and blankets and snuggles. It is literal perfection.

But real life: it gets messy. Fixing things becomes the norm so often that it’s quite easy to lose perspective.
Acquire more friends: check
Actually use the budget we’ve created: check
Raise responsible children who can fend for themselves: check-mark in progress
Deal with another parent with entirely conflicting views and beliefs: attempt in progress
Create a family schedule to save us all time and energy: finding the time to complete

Notice anything missing? Upon reading the above mentioned article I sure did. Family management mode took over and the relationship took a back seat. Because our friendship is so concretely solid I don’t think either of us even noticed it happening. We’re not hurting. We’re bonded together and happy. But are we growing? 

I’m re-vamping our to do list. Mister and I are getting bumped to the top and I don’t believe it’s selfish. Without an unbreakable bond who cares if we have friends or budgets or time?

You sir, I know you are reading this: you are my constant. I can’t choose the path my children will take, I can’t choose whether we have 10 friends or 100, I can’t control the little things like diets and money and time… But I can absolutely control how much I love you. I can control how much I show you. I can control where on the priority list you fall.

There will come a time when the day to day will be only you and I.  Those 2 current top of the list priorities we are raising will be grown adults with their own lists. I hope they can look back on our relationship as the perfect example of how to balance family, friendship and love. Real love. The icky kind where your heart speeds up, where your every day moments are better together, where you buy out the time to continue falling.

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EVENT: Open House by No25 Accessories in the GTA


Previously I hosted a contest for a friend, Betty at No25 Accessories and I am now happy to announce that Betty has opened a new storefront in Brampton, ON! Woohoo!

She is hosting a huge Open House event this Thursday & Friday November 7&8 from 12-6pm with appetizers and refreshments.


Be SURE to check out her Facebook page No25 to see her incredible pieces for yourself. I own quite a few pieces myself and also wore them exclusively for my wedding (even in my hair!), so trust me you will not be disappointed.

Hope to see you there GTA residents!😉

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